Welcome! On this page we cover the real issues of today; is it time to legalise Cannabis or has the world gone mad?

In recent years, there has been much debate surrounding whether it is time to legalise Cannabis in Australia. This blog aims to provide you with information on the topic of legalising Cannabis and explore the benefits and limitations of this. Legalising Marijuana can provide many positive benefits to our society, especially in the medical field. Cannabis  has shown to be effective in pain management and helping improve medical conditions, such as epilepsy. Additionally, legalising Marijuana can improve our criminal justice system by reducing delays. In decriminalising the drug, strains on the legal system will be relieved through an overall reduction in arrests and trials. This will also have positive social effects in which cannabis users won’t have a criminal record of drug possession, therefore removing the social stigma that exists around this crime. Additionally, legalising medicinal Cannabis can have many benefits on our economy, by providing the government with more tax and the ability to create more jobs.

However, despite these benefits, a strong opposition to legalising Marijuana currently exists in Australia. Firstly, there is a lack of research into the long-term effects of medicinal Marijuana and the role it plays in treating medical illnesses. Therefore, its legalisation may cause more harm than good. Additionally, legalising Marijuana will greatly increase people’s ability to access the drug, thus potentially causing issues in regards to substance abuse and addicts exploiting the system.  Legalising Cannabis can also create a social acceptance of the drug, leading to more vulnerable individuals in society to become exposed to it and its addictive nature. Cannabis can also have harmful and long-term effects on the brain with studies attributing its use to memory loss and affected learning.

Overall, the topic of legalising Cannabis is a continuous and emotionally driven issue. In this blog we attempt to provide relevant facts and arguments, allowing readers to come up with their own informed opinion.
We hope you find this blog useful 



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. John Draper

    This is a really topical issue. I don’t think it should be legalised. It will just become a loophole to ‘try’ it….


  2. Susan Williams

    Legalising cannabis is a very difficult topic. Whilst it does contribute significantly to drug addiction, the medical benefits cannot be ignored. It’s legalisation sure gets my vote!


  3. I think that legalising cannabis before we know the full effects of it is a very bad idea. Imagine the effects it could have on generations to come. I could never with a clear conscience vote in favour of legalising cannabis before we know the full effect of it on children and babies


  4. Holly Graham

    I have completed an array of research on the serious need for medicinal cannabis, and with this, comes the negatives associated. I think this blog is really interesting as it outlines the prominent negatives and positives of legalising cannabis. As a result of my research, confusingly, I am yet to have a strong opinion on its legalisation. So, I am glad I’m not the only one to be a little indecisive, or informative I like to call it! An interesting comment by John Draper, I do agree that it is sure a ‘topical issue’ – Holly


  5. Elle B

    I think in the current state our economy is with debt and the amount of tax payers money going to the legal system, this notion of legalising reducing the burden on the legal system is a great idea! I don’t know if I would support complete legalisisation, I think the chance of abuse may be too much still, but reducing it to civil penalties and legalising legitimate medical use sounds good to me if it means more tax money going to other worthwhile sections like education and health.


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